When Aimee Rocked Dexter’s Fans Worlds


Back in time and thanks to a renewed focus on Dexter’s dark passenger, some seriously disturbing murders and a half dozen new (but totally awesome) characters, season six of Showtime’s serial killer thriller has rediscovered its zest for life.

Now that we’re past the halfway mark of the season, and pieces of Professor Gellar’s religious endgame are slowly falling into place, I caught up with the fabulous Aimee Garcia — who plays Dexter’s nanny and Angel’s sister, Jamie — to find out what’s in store for the show and her character. Turns out, there’s about to be some seismic shifts across the board that will leave fans gasping for breath!

Insider.com: Jamie has been a very interesting addition to the show, and Dexter’s world. What do you think about the way she’s become integrated into the show?

Aimee Garcia: I love that Jamie is smart, sassy, fun and cool — but more than that, I think Harrison has become Dexter’s reason for living. He’s a father and takes that role very seriously. And Jamie has essentially become Harrison’s mother – she bathes him, feeds him, puts him to sleep, spends lots of time with him, so, because of that, Jamie has become important in Dexter’s inner-circle. But as we all know, anyone that gets super close to Dexter is always in danger.

you can find the full insider interview on http://www.dexterdaily.com/2011/11/aimee-garcia-dexter-fans-will-have.html

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