Create A Celebrity Portrait Photography


Making celebrity portrait photography may sound simple, but it requires some knowledge to have the best results.

Many photographers have to study the panorama or background, lighting, contrast, and everything that can lead to a good or bad photo.

In general, the portrait photographs of famous people is carried out to promote a product or himself.

In such cases, the photographer contacts the manager or representative of the artist who will kindly give him the exact date, time, and address where to carry out the photo-shoot.

The photographer takes great responsibility because he must ensure that the photo is completely clear. He needs a photo-rich in lighting and that it reflects the product or the artist.

Photographers must follow certain parameters that bring them closer to photographic perfection.

They must study their surroundings and, above all, have the necessary instruments to make the photography look great, for example they before starting photo shooting portraits of actual people you can start training your self with model dolls or wooden and artistic mannequins like the body kun dolls from

Here are the four things a photographer should know:

What photographers should know to make the perfect like celebrity photographs:


Before taking the photo session, you must organize with the representative or artist who will be the protagonist of the day. Keep in mind that without organization, everything will be chaos, and many things will go wrong. Being spontaneous is not bad, but in these cases, you need to have everything organized.

organize with the representative or artist

Contact days before the artist or his representative and organize a day and a time to be agreed. Also, the duration of the photo session, remember that both you and the artist have obligations outside that meeting.

Get the idea of ​​arriving hours before the site to organize all your tools, cameras, backgrounds, lighting, etc. When the protagonist of the session arrives, everything is fast and without so much somersault.

Expert photographers recommend that you arrive 2 or 3 hours before the photo session to have plenty of time to organize the environment. You need to study the lighting and know what to add and not to your photographs.


In this type of work, the photographer needs a unique precision. Do not waste your own time or your previously contacted artist and demonstrate professionalism. Accuracy should also be essential for you if you don’t want a long photographic routine.

To improve your accuracy and make the photo session a more dynamic process, you must have an assistant who will serve as a physical example for you to test your tools hours before filming.

photographer needs a unique precision

Also, the assistant can serve to give an example to his main artist.  He will see how much inclination his face will have in the pose. How he should take the product to sponsor, or how he should stop if it is a full-body photograph.

Influences the shadows a lot in this type of session and help of your assistant could save you a few minutes within it. Consider these tips to be provided by experts in portrait photography.

Let The photo-shoot Session Begin!

The best of all for a celebrity portrait photography is when the photographer announced the beginning of the session. He needs to have everything organized, with the precision and the tools in progress, place the artist, the product to promote, and ACTION!

According to experts in the photographic area, the best sessions are with celebrities, although it may sound scary if you are a beginner photographer who has not had the virtue of being near a famous figure and much less photograph it.

But do not panic and show professionalism, remember that many of these artists are like you. It is rare to see arrogant people in the cinematographic, musical, or artistic world. 

Many of these artists have something that makes their poses perfect, so that will make your work easier. You should indicate which would be the best and the reasons why you would improve your figure. He may not understand, but You would be referring to what position your physique benefits by being exposed to lighting or shadows.

You will be the one who guides the artist and not vice versa. Keep this in mind and let him understand that he is in your field. 

Try to get a laptop to visualize better how your photographs have been. Tell your assistant the function you will take after having the artist present. Reduce the number of photos for the quality in each of them.

Be Professional

A photographer must have professionalism and control in his area for future contracts for large photo shoots. If he is a good artist, he can climb a step every time and photograph his favorite celebrity at some point.

Position yourself well in what you are doing and focus your eyes on quality and not quantity. A short session is more likely to make it grow, because many of these celebrities are very busy, so one additional minute can be a nuisance.

Consider working together with an assistant who will help you with all instruments, stage, lighting, leftovers, contrast, focus, etc. 

This is a great help to achieve your desired dream.
He must also be humble so that his attitude towards these celebrities falls in a good way. Please, Don’t be an arrogant or bossy photographer. On the contrary, he will have a bad reputation, which will lead to a decrease in his hiring.

Whenever you are presented with a photo session regardless of whether it is for an artist, wedding, celebration in general, try to be fully organized, talk to the contractor and maintain fluid communication before the start of your work.

Check these pro photo shots for our beloved actress Aimee Garcia for better reference:

In Conclusion

If everything is clear and wait for the day, check your instruments and make sure everything works as it should. Being in the area to work quickly, you should check if there are good lighting and formidable shadow control or that so many additional instruments will be needed.

Try to arrive early at the place where the photo session will take place to have everything in order. Make it a short duration of time that will give space for more work, professionalism, and even a point in favor of future hires.