Aimee’s Interview with Ammo Magazine


What’s Your AMMO?

Aimee: Knowing that I only get one lifetime. So I’ve gotta give this one all I’ve got! Also, my parents….my parents inspire me. They are amazing hard-working, creative and fun people who always taught me to be respectful, work hard and Go Big or Go Home.

What has been your most challenging role so far?

Aimee Again, different roles for different reasons: Marisa was challenging because I had to portray an ex-Marine and did a lot of my own stunts.

I remember one time I was dangling in a helicopter 4-stories high over concrete and having to hold and shoot a gun as if I had killed someone before. Carmen in the movie Go For It was challenging because I did all my own dancing.


I was dancing alongside Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku girls and the Beat Freaks. I trained for 9 months and took 4-5 hip-hop classes a week to prepare for the final dance routine.

The final dance number is very much like Flashdance, except without a body double or a guy with a wig. And, Jamie Batista is challenging because of how high-profile Dexter is.

It’s an Emmy-nominated show with a fervent global fan base. So, the pressure and expectations are high. But, I just have to block all that out and do my thing.